The breed

A bit of historical facts about Bernese Dogs – where do I come from

Bernese Mountain Dog comes from the family of mountain farm dogs that formerly lived on the alpine lowlands in Switzerland in Durrbach, a small town where it was used for work, mainly as a dog watching the farmyard, and later often as a sled dog, carrying milk cans.

Build, proportions and coloring of the Bernese Mountain Dog – what do I look like?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog with strong skeleton, but also agile, harmoniously built, with strong limbs. Bernese Dog’s weight (dogs: 45-60 kg; bitches: 35-45 kg) and its height (height at the withers: 64-70 cm; bitches: 58-66 cm) make the dog very impressive. .

Behaviour and character of the Bernese Mountain Dog – what am I like?

In order to properly understand the character of the modern Bernese Dog, one should imagine how the life of their ancestors was like. Swiss farmers needed good guarding dogs with a suitable personality and character, therefore dogs were selected for breeding mostly on the basis of behavioural features. 
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