Our successes in Lithuania Int dog show Palanga


Palanga Lithuania International Dog Show 27-29.09.2019

ATNIS Bernevirtus, daughter of EURYDYKA and STAR IS COMING from DD (litter A) - the youngest female in kennel - at the age of 9 months, she got the Junior Winner title twice, thus obtaining the Lithuanian Junior Champion title.

EURYDYKA Bernevirtus 3 x excellent, 2 x second place and 2 x res.CACIB.

ELEKTRA Bernevirtus receives excellent - first time in the show in his life and on the last day he is in 4th place.

During our stay in Palanga, we explore the area and bitches go crazy by the sea - we invite you to view photos from your stay in Lithuania on the kennel website


Successes on water rescue work for Bernevirtus dogs


Bernevirtus successes! Certification of water work (water work with elements of water rescue). Four dogs, four classes and four medals for water work certification of dogs: I, 2 x II and III place (Electra Bernevirtus vel Kazia, Eefje Moravian Hurricane vel Efi, Eurydyka Bernevirtus vel Ora and my little "rising star" Atnis Bernevirtus vel Kati), international judge Bernard Pouvesle FCI (France).

Bernevirtus in media invited by TV


Today we were invited by TV – the celebrity was Orka (EURYDYKA Bernevirtus FCI) mother of puppies from litter A and two babies: ANAKIN Bernevirtus and ADAMA Bernevirtus. The little ones were amazing: they showed that they are well socialized, they like people and are interesting in new places. They stole the heart of the whole team! We invite you to see the report from the program at:

Birth of puppies litter A

Birth of puppies litter A

Christmas Eve 2018 - the birth of the next generation of Bernese Mountain Dogs in the Bernevirtus kennel. An unforgettable, wonderful day and a special Christmas. # With the cherished carefully planned kids. These Bernese puppies are a very special litter - children of our Orka EURYDYKA Bernevirtus and grandchildren of the wonderful Efi (EEFJE Moravian Hurricane) and children of the great

Bernevirtus dogs water working dogs certification

Ora jumping for rescue
Ora retrieving from water
Efi towing unconscious

Efi, Ora i ELEKTRA Bernevirtus also in 2018 participated in water working rescue dogs certification with great success.

Dogs from Bernevirtus kennel at meetings with children and for children

Dogs from Bernevirtus kennel at meetings with children and for children

Once again, Kazia (ELEKTRA Bernevirtus FCI) at meetings with children and families - with her Lady (Dorota Pankowska, Psie Pasje school) tells and teaches about raising a dog during the "Children for Children" event. The event is organized by the District Office of Warsaw.

Train work with WOPR (Volunteer rescue service association) Katowice


Eurydyka, Eefje and Erato Bernevirtus family as carting dogs in Zakopane - lot of fun and activity. Happy dogs!


Efi i Orka - water certified dogs


Orka and Efina got water certificates!
August 2017 was very busy for us, and last week we went to camp with the Terranova Association, during which Orka got a certificate of water in class I and Efi in class 2. I am very proud of them: wonderful working dogs, excellent checking both on land and on water. Orka and Efi trained towing and rescuing of drowning people.

Orka dog carting during city days

Orka dog carting during city days

We were invited to Włochowski Park Edukacyjny Educational Picnic in Włochy in Warsaw to dog school to show dog carting by our dogs. Orka has just few months ago started learning after her mother and grand-mother, but has already shown that she manages quite well. Childern and pblic were fascinated!

Efi certified water working dog


In August, in the nice area Efi passed her water working dog certificate with great result (92 points out of 100), gaining second place. I am very proud of her!

Companion dog exam - Eurydyka passed with excellent result


Orka (Eurydyka Bernevirtus) zdawała dziś egzamin PT I stopnia -
mimo bardzo trudnych warunków pogodowych (koszmarnego upału) Eurydyka uzyskała 184 punkty.
Jestem dumna z małej. Cudowny dzień!

EUNOMIA Bernevirtus od god show NITRA 2015 - I place

EUNOMIA Bernevirtus od god show NITRA 2015 - I place

EUNOMIA Bernevirtus (puppy from litter E) has won in her class in Nitra dog show (Slovakia) - she received very promising note. Congratulations to Eunomia and the handler. 

Efi Polish Champion

Efi Polish Champion

During summer show sezon Efi got third CAC. In Septmber 2014 dyploma of the title of Polish Champion.

EFI got golden medal and CAC

EFI got golden medal and CACToday EFI got golden medal, best female title and CAC on the show in NDM. It is her second CAC in this show season. We are very happy for our sweet Efi!

Efi got twice excellent on DUO CACIB BRNO. A visit in the kennel Moravian Hurricane

Efi got twice excellent on DUO CACIB BRNO. A visit in the kennel Moravian Hurricane

At the beginning of February 2013 we went to Brno in Czech for international dog show DUO CACIB BRNO. Both days (2-3.02.2013) Efi got excellent, and on Sunday she won the 4th place. The show was well organised, we could admire a lot of fantastic beautiful bernese mountain dog.
On Saturday after the competition, we went to visit  the Bernese Mountain Dog's kennel Moravian

Efi passed "dog companion" exam PT I

Efi passed dog companion exam PT I

Efi passed today PT I exam organised by ZKWP. She got 195 points out of 200 - note excellent. I am very proud of her. 

EFI won the gold medal, Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed.

EFI won the gold medal, Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed.

At the national show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Efi gave us a fantastic surprise: she got excellent, first place, titles of Junior Winner and Best Junior. There was very good atmosphere among exhibitors, many wonderful dogs to admire. Efi made great, I am proud of her.

CANTONA - wspaniały początek przygody wystawowej


Piękny debiut! CANTONA Bernevirtus na swojej pierwszej wystawie I miejsce. Brawo!

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