Sabi    Family name: MME EXCLUSIVE Ciepła Ostoja
Mother: NIMFA Szumiąca Knieja   Father: THRUMAN Michaudville
Date of birth: 31.05.2010
Testing for dysplasia: HD A ED 0 (testing performed at the age of 2)
Behavioral test: 5/5 (09.2012)    Training: CD I (190/200 points)
Pedigree: PKR.II-106628 (PKR – Polish Pedigree Book)

Sabi is a very balanced dog. She is loving, trustful, open and friendly towards familiar people, and at the same time she is attentive, alert and self-confident in relation to strangers. She is also a great pet: she loves ruffling and often asks for it. It is hard to resist her. Sabi is really smart. I love working with her at training courses. Sabi is a very delicate dog.

Sabi’s appearance is nice: beautiful coat and bitch type head, nice correct posture, perfect proportions, not massive, not stocky, she seems light while walking, her trot is easy and elegant, while her gallop is fast and dynamic.

Sabi is a typical “lady”. Her character and behaviour, also physical traits make her, in my opinion, an unusual dog, who wins friends and admirers both among animals and among people.

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