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Bernevirtus breeding philosophy

Bernevirtus is a small family home breeding of Bernese Mountain Dogs. My dogs are primarily family dogs. They live with us at home and have a large garden at their disposal. They lead a very active life: water sports, forest walking tours, tourism, training. My dogs are active and energetic, love swimming and playing in the Rally-O, they are perfect for type of dog carting or rescue water activities. Watchful and observant are very devoted and family. Being with my dog at the lake or in the mountains, in the company of other people and other dogs with whom you can play freely and spend time together is my priority. They accompany me and my family all the time, they are our friends with whom we want to share our lives and spend every moment. Their joy, happiness and healthy life are the most important to me. Guided by these values, I try to provide them with the best possible conditions, active spending time in natural conditions and healthy, natural nutrition.

In Bernevirtus kennel I make every effort to create healthy long-lived family companions with great character. I do this by evaluating parents of the litter in terms of temperament and the character traits that are most desirable in this breed. When deciding on a litter and stud dog selection I do my best to screen parents of the future litter for hip and elbow dysplasia, eye diseases, thyroid conditions, and other health conditions, mostly tumor/cancer, especially histiocytosis. Most information is acquired from breeders, based on what they disclose. When doing selection the preference is put on the character, longevity and probability of deseases. All those aspects are evaluated and scored. I also look for those conditions among the relatives. I attach great importance to longevity ancestors, although research indicates the length of the dog's life is influenced by genetic and environmental factors.

However, as the inheritance of different diseases is not fully understood, their incidence is affected by many factors, both genetic, environmental and food/feeding related. Therefore is not possible to guarantee that the dog from my kennel will not have any of the diseases. Therefore, every dog used in my kennel is tested for hip dysplasia and elbow, and a genetic pre-test for histiocytosis HS and also participates in training dog companion (evaluation of character) with the exam conducted by a judge ZKWP/FCI. As a result, I think, I concentrate on the most important genetic factors influencing health status and offspring traits of personality/character, which seems to be an important component of inheritance. Through proper socialization and excellent living conditions of the dogs I try to properly educate and socialize the dogs.

Every person who is engaged in Bernevirtus life seeks to ensure an appropriate level of canine knowledge. For this purpose, my family and our petsitter we participate in trainings, courses and lectures and we continue to develop competences related to breeding, genetics, psychology and dietetics of dogs
(I completed postgraduate studies in the University of Animal Sciences "dog in the society - breeding and education" and canine dietetics course, our petsitter).

All puppies in my kennel are regularly examined by a veterinarian, they are dewormed, microchipped and vaccinated at a certain age. They are properly socialized. Puppies in my kennel (from birth to 9 weeks) receive proper attention both from my side, my family, as well as experienced petsitter (also lover and owner of the Bernese Mountain Dogs). My dogs and puppies have the whole house and big garden at their disposal: they live togheter with our family having unrestricted access to the house and garden.

I attach great importance to the proper, optimal and healthy feeding. My adult dogs have complete checkups every year to ensure the diet used is properly balanced and heltfy for the dog. I recognize that diet is a major factor in determining the development of the dog, his subsequent susceptibility to disease and condition. In regard to feeding dogs I follow the same principle, which I use for myself and my family: limiting junk food, "synthetic" or otherwise industrially processed. The dogs in my kennel are fed raw with unprocessed food according to the BARF principles and puppies during weaning from breast milk also are fed naturally.

Puppies receive health book, official documentation fro Polish Kennel Assosciation (ZKWP) entitling the owner to get a pedigree, a book about the breed Bernese Mountain Dog and the boocklet comprising all necessary information to education, socialization, and feeding of the dog. I support the future owners in the upbringing and education of puppies, also related to feeding aspects.

In kennel Bernevirtus there are no cages or pens, dogs are very important members of our family. I provide them with the most happy, peaceful and attractive life. I make every effort to ensure that the puppies from my kennel went to families with the similar mindset, and therefore prior to the sale of puppies I require personal contact.

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